One comment on “Ethiopia cancels 40,000 work visas for KSA-bound housemaids

  1. THANK YOU FOR CANCELLIGN SLAVE AND DEATH TRADE. We ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE thought we are sending OUR CHILDREN better place for better life by paying millions of dollars, but it looks like if they already been purchased before they even leave the country?! what ”money back” is it about ? how dare! the family do not even know about this!, cancel the visa PERMANENTLY, no more slavery, no more rapping our young daughter by criminal gangs and savaged countries like Saudi and berut, those country still leaving in stone ages and they are carrying out a cannibalism on human being, and they do not deserve to be served by our beautiful youngsters who we all see them in the eye, but without knowing we were sending them to be tortured and killed and beaten, raped by them. you know those people you are beating them to death and killed them slow death by lashing with a chain, their mother used to see them in the eye, when they cried the whole country cried with them but you thought you have hidden but still a satellite probe reveals what you are doing and what you have done to the thousands of people we hopping to come back home to their loved once. don’t you realise they are there to fetch for their daily bread, you accused them of vandalism by throwing them out on street after robbing all they have earned over years of slavery. you killed as many as you can with you gun and harsh policing, others during torture by throwing garbage on their head, with knife, bullet, beating, car and so on. They where starved you chased them and left them on the tree hugging between life and death. What you done on our sons and daughters, expect them on yours as well not directly we do these but because you did not know is we Ethiopians were purchased by blood of Jesus and you are touching an eye of the God almighty by even disappointing Ethiopian sons and daughter, as God is our rescuer and deliverer and we al so abide by Him. Stop telling as about profit, God has thousands of them, Gods profit is not a political leader or religious puppet. you know how to dive countries by their religion, and people by their race. In front of God every one is equal, does not mater if you are the beggar or the kings daughters and sons, every one will be judges according to their work and given proper punishment. I demand justice for those Ethiopian Citizens who slathered in Saudi in the last couple of weeks and I demand JUSTICE for Alem Dechasa.

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