3 comments on “He Who Lives in a Glass House Shouldn’t Throw Stones at Others

  1. I usually do not read what Abysinnian debteras write in general and history in particular. I stopped reading what they write long time ago for a simple reason–they are bunch of liars. Their reference is fiction written by ignorant monks, high-on-hashish from monasteries. They lie because that is who they are; diqaalaas descended from Arabia. Any true scholar who studied these people will not dispute the fact that they are Arab “diqaalaa”. They crossed the red sea and moved to sacred African land, inhabited by Cushitic peoples, and have done damage after damage for centuries until this moment. Any wonder then that we the people who are forced by accident of history to live next to and unfortunately with these diqaalaas are at the bottom of world development indexes by all measures? Any wonder then that the Oromo– who adopted the tribes they defeated rather than killing them and eliminating then as most major tribes and nationals and nationalities did in the old times, not limited to Africa, and includes Europeans and Asians as well, are bad-mouthed by these diqaalaas? If there is one beautiful and unique cultural heritage the human race could learn and appreciate about the Oromo, it is that humanism of guddiifachaa (adoption) rather than killing his fellow human. Now, in the 21st century, these diqqaalaas try to lecture us that we are not one people, we should be called gallas and not Oromo, we should speak in their language, and if we decide to write, we should use their script. Really? Go to hell!
    My fellow Oromo, do not waste your time and energy to debate with these scums. It is a waste of time, energy and emotion. Why waste all these when you can simply ignore them and continue to rebuild our valuables including our freedom yet to be achieved. Just remember that simply because an Abysinnian goes to formal school and receives a PhD does not mean that he/she will free himself/herself from lies and from mischief. On the contrary, the more education they receive, the more cunning, mischievous and liars they become, particularly when it comes to their main nemesis—the great Oromo people. Only defeating them once and for all will free us, and nothing else. With the blessing of the Oromo Waaqaa, that will be achieved!
    Albasa dagaga

  2. Hello Dear Oumer, thank you very much. This crazy man writing what he received from his debtera father. He has no any writing or reasoning things, but he jumps over and over to the sky. If you realize he was said who can argue this issue with me, but thank for Oromo people who brought you to this world, you wrote a wonderful article using a good citation. For him argument is as talk in the home with his wife and his debtera friends. Therefore, I appreciate your reasoning ability and I would like to tell you response for these elite habasha for whatever they write on any web sites. This is wonderful way of struggle. Keep it up protesting your innocent people.
    For Getachew and other mad habashe elites, I would like to say please understand as oromo intellectuals are beyond of your thinking and your knowledge. Therefore, go back to your church and read you Gadal and you fictions, you don’t know politics and history. Only you have a few months or years you will belief now soon.

  3. Dear Oromoo people we should be aware of our enemies work. Which is writing fake history disguise once socio political …so we ought to express ourselves by our scholar and academicians for z rest of the world. Enemies are always enemy.

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