5 comments on “A Response to Dr. Fikre Tolossa/Tolassa’s Open Letter: When Was the Ethiopian Flag Created?

  1. This is a kind of kid story, It doesn’t have logical , correlation and flows of idea.

    ” habeshochi ..doesn’t know BANDIRA bewere semtew new ..kkk .it is from Latine…kkkkk ” you bush man you need to know it , we call it “sendek -alama” … we know it 3 000 years before.

    ” georgis …befreslay ..yehonew…. yeoromonina yedebun hizb endeteregetu lemasayet ” really you are worthless to live in the earth. I guess you don’t know history of religion.

    -” fonkawiyan kemilew Fidel yemilew meta…. ” kkkkkk min aynet lib adrk neh ebakih bemin tegenagneto new … be F kkkkkkkkkkkk. you need to kill yourself.

    I feel sorry for this man how he’s living in deep inferiority complex. I call him pushman , he doesn’t represent majority genuine and smart oromos. This is rubbish article , doesn’t fulfill scientific standard article. it is a kind of yemirkana unrealistic fiction. yemender were….

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