One comment on “Breaking News Here is the news of the successful rally by the Oromo community in oslo on April 28, 2013 against the fundraising effort by Woyane!

  1. “Funy” It seems as though Norway and to all the rest of the European countries pretend being blind and deaf despite the thousands refugees flowing in seeking asylum! The fact that there are Ethiopians who run to support in any way and by any means the Present Ethiopian Dictatorial Regime openly, should automatically be a reason good enough by itself to declined and or rejected the alleged refugees the right to apply as asylum seekers, in these countries and be deported!
    Terrorism and threats to humanity and Human Rights come from within the present Ethiopian Government under the name of development! Any where everywhere and any time don’t let the fascist Ethiopian government members move and don’t trust them! “Isolate dictatorial and fascist regime members” They won’t be able to move if we all stand against them, we should repeatedly keep appealing to the whole world the truth, that the Regime of Meles Zenawi keeps abusing “Human Rights” with hundreds of thousands of political prisoners stuffed in the prisons, while murdering persecuting and land grubbings of the Oromos is going on, in addition as any reporter who dares to publish anything about these atrocities is directly detained!

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